President of FAST-EATON light transmission company, visited our company

Release time: 2021-01-13 Views::1909

On January 12, LV Juntao, president of FAST(Baoji) light transmission Co., Ltd., and his party visited CDDY to discuss thecooperation between the two sides. In the conference room on the fourth floor,the company's president Yuan Wusheng received the guests and their party.

Mr. Yuan said that he was very grateful to FASTfor its strong support to CDDY. For a long time, the two sides have cooperatedclosely and achieved mutual benefit, and established a solid partnership. FAST'sexcellent product performance has been fully affirmed by the majority of users.I am full of confidence in the cooperation between the two sides. We hope that FASTwill further strengthen the service concept, stand in the perspective ofcustomers, respond quickly and provide efficient services in a timely manner. CDDYis willing to work with FAST to provide users with high-quality products andservices, and create greater value for users.

President LV said that FAST adheres to customerdemand as the first thing, provides high-quality products and first-classservices for customers, and wholeheartedly meets customer demand. In responseto the needs of CDDY, FAST will actively formulate measures and plans,strengthen communication and cooperation with CDDY, jointly create competitiveproducts, open up a broader market, and create a new situation of win-wincooperation between the two